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About Us

Stephanee Hughson hails from Clinton, Iowa and has been in the travel and event industry for over a decade. Stephanee began her journey in travel by completing an internship at a travel agency in 2009 which ultimately turned into a full time job, concentrating on corporate travel as well as marketing, social media and special event planning. Stephanee met her (now) husband and moved to Wisconsin in 2011 where she opened Plans in Paradise LLC. Stephanee has always loved to travel and experience new places and nothing brings her more joy than helping others plan their dream weddings, honeymoon, family vacations, and off-the-beaten path adventures. Stephanee believes the options are endless when it comes to travel and events; she wholeheartedly believes that if you can dream it, Plans in Paradise can make it reality.

Stephanee Hughson from Plans in Paradise

Plans in Paradise was born in 2011 when Stephanee turned her love and experience of travel into a business. She took the skills and in depth knowledge she learned from her internship and job at the travel agency to launch her own business in Wisconsin. Stephanee worked extremely hard building her client base by making sure each client knew how important they are and how excited she was to help them bring their travel or wedding dream to life! Over the years, Stephanee has assisted people in traveling all over Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Iceland, and the list goes on. Each person and plan is customized and customers know they can reach her whenever they have questions.

Aside from travel, Stephanee’s other passion has always been planning events so, from that Weddings by Plans in Paradise was born. Stephanee helped a few friends with their big days and then launched the business to great success, over the past decade averaging 30-40 weddings per year - destination weddings, elopements, officiating, and/or full planning and day-of coordinating. Events are always unique and Stephanee realized that when creating packages; all Weddings by Plans in Paradise packages are customized to include the services important to couples.

Stephanee loves working in the travel and event industry because every day is a new adventure. She is extremely creative and willing to take the time to make your vacation and/or wedding extra-special. She specializes in honeymoon planning, destination weddings, local weddings, officiating, specialty travel, and unique vacation destination planning.

Ready to take the trip of a lifetime? Ready to plan your wedding? Or just need someone to tailor your wedding ceremony to the two of you? Stephanee is your gal. Contact Plans in Paradise today!

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